Gender & Digital Journalism

Does the transition to digital journalism present new opportunities or uphold ongoing obstacles for women and women of colour journalists? 

Research has long shown deep inequalities based on gender and race in journalism: a gendered pay gap; a lack of women and people of colour in decision-making roles; and undervaluing of women and people of colours’ voices, to name a few persistent challenges.

I’m currently conducting research on whether the shift to digital journalism is providing new opportunities for women and women of colour or upholding longstanding challenges. This research is funded by the Institute for Gender + the Economy.

I’m seeking women-identified and women of colour journalists to participate in the study (any job title/role, either at a digital-first outlet or doing digital work for a media outlet). Participation involves one interview, which can be done in person or on the phone/Skype at a time that suits you.

All interviews are anonymous, so no identifying information (name, job title, organization) will be revealed in the research.

Please contact me at to find out more or to schedule an interview.