CWA Canda/CAJ Award For Labour Reporting

I am pleased to announce that an article I co-wrote with Greig de Peuter and Enda Bropy, “Interns Unite! You Have Nothing to Lose (Literally),is a finalist won the CWA Canada/Canadian Association of Journalists Award for Labour Reporting. The article was published in Briarpatch‘s 2012 labour issue and looks at reactions and resistance to unpaid internships in media and cultural industries in Canada and beyond. Results will be announced in May.

Update: we won! Thanks to Briarpatch for putting out an annual labour issue and publishing the piece, and to Andrew Langille, the Canadian Intern Association, and Intern Labor Rights, among others, for sharing their knowledge and experiences.

As Briarpatch posted on Facebook: “So, uh, last night at the annual Canadian Association of Journalists Awards we beat out CBC’s The National and the Ottawa Citizen for the WIN! Our annual operating budget wouldn’t cover wardrobe and makeup at The National–this is a coup for reader-supported journalism!…”