New book chapter in Alternative Media in Canada

I have a chapter in a new edited collection, Alternative Media in Canada, edited by Kirsten Kozolanka, Patricia Mazepa and David Skinner (UBC Press 2012). My chapter, titled “From Alienation to Autonomy: The Labour of Alternate Media,” is an attempt to think through the challenges and possibilities of conceptualizing participation in alternative media as work. I’m in excellent company: contributors include Marian Bredin, Barbara M. Freeman, Sandra Jeppesen, Karim H. Karim, Evan Light, Michael Lithgow, Sonja Macdonald, Kate Milberry, and Scott Uzelman.

Read an interview with David Skinner on about the book.

More about the book from UBC Press:

Alternative media hold the promise of building public awareness and action against the constraints and limitations of media conglomeration and cutbacks to public broadcasting. But what, exactly, makes alternative media alternative? This path-breaking volume gets to the heart of this question by focusing on the three interconnected dimensions that define alternative media in Canada: structure, participation, and activism. The contributors reveal not only how various kinds of alternative media — including indigenous, anarchist, ethnic, and feminist media — are enabled and constrained within Canada’s complex policy environment but also how, in the context of globalization, the Canadian experience parallels media and policy challenges in other nations.